Our Mission is

To introduce effective management in various spheres of Ukrainian society and to improve financial literacy and gender sensitivity of managers and entrepreneurs through: ­

  • developing and training change leaders, ­
  • disseminating the best practices of management, ­
  • improving the social dialogue among key stakeholders (public authorities and local governments, businesses, educational institutions, etc.).

We believe that


  • positive changes in Ukraine are possible and our NGO is their catalyst;
  • entrepreneurship is the basis of a modern economy and civil society;
  • economic thinking and financial literacy is a key success factor in a market economy;­
  • women’s leadership is an important factor of economic competition and mature civil society;
  • ­team approach is the most effective way to implement positive changes in organizations and communities;
  • ­synergy with foreign and domestic non-governmental organizations, businesses, and state and local governments is a source of positive changes.

Our Vision

Effectiveness of Ukrainian society is achieved through free competition among key service providers: business, NGOs, public institutions, etc.

The community is actively involved in discussions related to social problems. It controls the activities of public bodies and distribution of budgetary funds.

Social reforms in Ukraine will utilize international best practices and financial assistance.