Women's Leadership Studios: Fifth group started training programme


Fifth group of female civil activists from Kharkiv region started their training on June 13 at Women’s Leadership Studio. Tetiana Chernetska facilitated the first part of the training. Women-leaders visited Museum of Women’s and Gender History, learnt about the mechanisms of gender construction, analyzed gender inequality in various spheres of public life, and tried using feminitives, which just recently became officially recognized in Ukrainian language.


Women's Leadership Studio: Study Tour to Sweden

 tate On September 16-20 fifteen women-leaders from Kharkiv, Luhansk and Donetsk regions went on a study tour hosted by Swedish Kvinnofolkhögskolan (feminist folk high school). Women leadership training and empowerment of Ukrainian women's movement were the main goals of the study tour to Gothenburg, the home town of one of the most powerful feminist CSO network.


Women’s Leadership Studio: Spanish feminist trained social workers group

 2019-04-19 Perspectives 3

  State social workers completed their training at the Women's Leadership Studio on April 19-21. An artist from Madrid Maria Sanchez Garcia, PhD, activist, feminist, culture expert of the Spanish delegation to UNESCO discussed with the training participants challenges of women empowerment and helped them to polish communication skills to promote their ideas in social networks.


Women's Leadership Studios: Training program for social workers started

 2019-03-30 Perspectives 1

  On March 30, Women's Leadership Studio launched training program for female state social workers. Many state social services clients need special attention. Employees of social services sector take on great responsibility on a daily basis, which requires them to look for recuperation practices and opportunities of personal and professional development.


Women's Leadership Studios: Serbian trainer coached two groups

 2019-03-17 Perspectives 2

  European trainer Tanja Petovar helped local self-government, community and civil service female leaders to master self-management tools at the three-day training sessions of Women's Leadership Studio held on March 15-17 and 22-24.