Women-leaders polished their time management and delegating responsibility skills

On December 15, the women-leaders of amalhamated communities, local self-government and civic activists from Kharkiv and Donetsk regions polished their time management skills and learned to delegate at the second training session by Women's Leadership Studio.

Victoria Nesterova assisted participants with identification of personal style of time management, demonstrated goal and priority setting techniques, Eisenhower matrix, situation management system tools and the SCRUM board.

Olena Reshetnyak explained how to delegate and set tasks within the team. As one of the women leaders noted: "I changed my attitude to time management for the better. I'm so excited about these training! Thanks to the trainers for inspiration and useful time management tools. "

Reference: Women's Leadership Studio at the Centre of Gender Culture is coordinated by the Change Agency “Perspective” within the framework of the "Centre for Gender Culture as a Platform for the Empowerment of Women and Youth" project supported by the EU.

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