Women's Leadership Studios: Fifth group started training programme

Fifth group of female civil activists from Kharkiv region started their training on June 13 at Women’s Leadership Studio. Tetiana Chernetska facilitated the first part of the training. Women-leaders visited Museum of Women’s and Gender History, learnt about the mechanisms of gender construction, analyzed gender inequality in various spheres of public life, and tried using feminitives, which just recently became officially recognized in Ukrainian language.

In the afternoon Olena Reshetnyak worked with the participants on discovering of main features of the leaders, analyzing of strategies for goals achieving and identification of personal leadership style.

At the end of the training, each participant set up three tasks for the development of personal leadership skills to get ready for the next training session. The participants were quite emotional during the Museum tour and thanked trainers for the insights and inspiration.

Women's Leadership Studios is operating within the framework of the "Centre for Gender Culture as a Platform for the Empowerment of Women and Youth" project supported by the EU.

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