Women's Leadership Studios: Training program for social workers started

On March 30, Women's Leadership Studio launched training program for female state social workers. Many state social services clients need special attention. Employees of social services sector take on great responsibility on a daily basis, which requires them to look for recuperation practices and opportunities of personal and professional development.

Under the guidance of trainer Tetiana Chernetska twenty social services leaders practiced use of gender sensitive language, visited the GenderMuseum, and elaborately presented the results of local and global research on gender statistics.

In the second half of the training Olena Reshetnyak worked with the trainees on identification of their leadership styles, interpretation of the test results, and shared tips on how to improve team performance through proper approach to dealing with different types of its members. During the feedback the participants stated they intend to implement the training statement: "Successful leaders always look out the window."  

Women's Leadership Studios is operating within the framework of the "Centre for Gender Culture as a Platform for the Empowerment of Women and Youth" project supported by the EU.

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