Women’s Leadership Studio: Spanish feminist trained social workers group

State social workers completed their training at the Women's Leadership Studio on April 19-21. An artist from Madrid Maria Sanchez Garcia, PhD, activist, feminist, culture expert of the Spanish delegation to UNESCO discussed with the training participants challenges of women empowerment and helped them to polish communication skills to promote their ideas in social networks.

On the first day an interesting discussion on the differences between female leaders-role models and those whom trainees do not perceive as such despite the undeniable achievements took place. The leaders also compared the relevance of particular gender issues in Ukraine and the EU countries. Due to the pleasant weather part of the training was held outside on the second day. The trainees imitated Hyde Park Speakers’ Corner, competed in public speaking and received feedback from others and the trainer.

The leaders were especially interested to learn about the peculiarities of social networks widespread in other countries, the use of which will enable promotion of their projects outside Ukraine. Maria also presented VONA video game developed within the #SaveGenderMuseum campaign, which kept gender museum functioning when it was under threat of closure a few years ago. During the feedback, several participants expressed their wish to have longer training sessions and to organize similar training for the same group once per year. The trainees thanked for useful tools that would help improve planning, their own communication style, and professional communications in social networks.

Women's Leadership Studios is operating within the framework of the "Centre for Gender Culture as a Platform for the Empowerment of Women and Youth" project supported by the EU.

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